From Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Brand new: The ULTIMATE Psycho-Test for Women

Dear Friend,

Can it really be THAT easy to talk to women and instantly create deep and lasting ATTRACTION?

YES it can! This test is a secret weapon: Not a weapon against somebody, certainly not against women. It is a secret weapon for the guy who wants to talk to women on a whole new level, seduce them and keep them in his life.

What does the successful guy do differently while talking to women? What makes him much more successful than most of the other guys out there who try to talk to women and fail within the first few seconds of the interaction?

The successful guy has all his stuff together and is able to easily communicate this to her:



Sexual confidence

Comfort and Identity

Humor and Passion


The ULTIMATE Psycho-Test for Women

If you lack any of these, you will not be able to create the kind of attraction a woman is looking for in a man. This means you will definitely FAIL! You'll just be like all the other guys out there: Boring and almost HANDICAPPED when it comes to women.

Without the right way to talk to women, you can try as much as you want, but you will be set up for failure long before you start to even think about talking to her.

Here's the solution: The ULTIMATE PSYCHO-TEST FOR WOMEN! Created and successfully tested on hundreds of women by the international dating expert Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD., and most of his clients.

This exclusive Test is now available for the first time in English! No one has a comparable product and nothing makes interacting with women easier. It is the solution for all the bad things that can happen while talking to women:

Nothing to talk about

Uncomfortable silence

Not being able to keep her attention

No deeper emotional connection

No way to demonstrate essential male qualities like comfort, confidence,
humor, dominance, power, status

Being like all the other guys

With the PSYCHO-TEST you will be able to avoid all these problems. You will talk to her like no other guy has talked to her before AND have the unique ability to get to know her on a deep emotional level right from the beginning of the conversation. This will set you apart from all the other guys who tried to talk to her. You can connect on a very intimate and private level - something she deeply misses in all the conversations with other men. And you will do that with something she loves anyway (because she is a woman and women love all kinds of tests in magazines, on Facebook etc.)

You will:

Have something to talk about for many hourse

Connect with her on a deep emotional level

Avoid boring and uncomfortable moments

Be able to present all the essential male qualities she needs to see in you

Present her with a completely different kind of conversation

Surprise her by being different (and more interesting) than all other guys

Stay in her memory with a very positive connotation

You'll feel relieved
because you know the TRUTH about women and dating.

You'll feel relaxed
because you know what to say to women you want in your life.

The best part:

You will be more attractive, because you know that you have an almost endless choice of possible mates, and the PSYCHO-TEST will deepen this impression even further. We all create our lives by making our choices and this test will be the right basis to choose a woman. In a very short time you will find out if she is right for you or not. This will make it even easier to avoid lots of trouble, pain and a waste of time. By showing her that you are picky and will not allow "bad" people into your life, you will look strong and decisive - something women hardly find in a man anymore.

The times of boring "job interview"-style questions about age, work, hobbies and what schools she went to are now over. This stuff is not just boring in itself, but will make her find YOU incredibly boring. This will never happen to you anymore!

Of course this Test is something to be taken lightly and with the right amount of humor. You should use it in a relaxed and easy going way. And most of all: It should only be used to really get to know her and not to find out her weaknesses and exploit them! So here's my warning: If I catch you abusing the test for abusing women, I'll come and find you and do horrible things to you! ;-)

The ULTIMATE Psycho-Test for Women

All you need now is:

A woman to be tested


Just have more fun and success with women!

This ULTIMATE PSYCHO-TEST FOR WOMEN is the perfect tool for men to make the right decisions concerning women. You will easily create the right kind of emotional connection that every woman craves for in a man. Suddenly it is easy to talk to her and get to know her - even when using the Test secretly she will think that she finally found a naturally attractive man.

What I give you here are 10 incredibly easy questions and their right interpretation, which you can use absolutely discreet and seemingly natural. You'll be able to find out more about her and her character than any other guy in her life.

You will not just find out more about her psychological setup, but you will also get valuable information to increase your chances with her. Now there is nothing left to chance when talking to women:

You will find out more about her ex and will be able to draw the right conclusions

You will know her weak spots and how to escalate the interaction

You will be able to create the right seduction strategy tailored especially for her

You will find out if she is just after your money

Why should you believe me?

The easy answer: My client's RESULTS:*


» "I always had a strange feeling about this girl that I met a few weeks ago () Now I know why! So far, I tried this test a few times now on women - it's incredible how easy it is to fascinate them Women really dig stuff like that. When I don't know what to say, I now just pull out the test and try it on them. Yesterday I met this girl and I could connect with her immediately and she was able to see that I really wanted to get to know her. After that, everything else just happened naturally! Now I always carry the test around with me in my pocket. This is nothing but amazing. Especially when used secretly - this saved me a lot of time and trouble!" «

*This is a translation of a testimonial I received from one of my many, very happy clients in Austria.


Why you should test women on their psychological shortcomings:


You want to have fun in your life and not stress or pain

You don't want to lose your best friends

You want to have a girlfriend to be really proud of

You don't want to be taken advantage of

You don't want to lose half (or more) of everything you own

You want to be in charge of your own life

You want a happy and meaningful relationship with a woman

The ULTIMATE Psycho-Test for Women

You can use the test openly and in a very humorous way, but also completely hidden in a chat or an email. No woman will notice that she is being tested and you will find out more about her than she would like you to know. Like that you will not just find out her psychological problems, but also be able to create the right strategy to win her over.

Get the Psycho-Test for Women right now and don't leave the interaction with your dream girl to chance. You will be amazed to find out how easy it is to interact with women and how much fun this will be.

You can't afford NOT to own the Psycho-Test for Women!
Order your copy NOW for only $ 9,79.

Wishing you success with dating & lots of fantastic women in your life,

Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Der ultimative Psychotest für Frauen


Men from all walks of life and men from all skill levels with women have read and USED the Psycho-Test for Women, and they've all been successful with it.

The Test works for single guys - it helps you to find a girlfriend or just practice your communication skills with women.

The Test works for guys in a relationship - you'll find out more about your partner and how to make and keep her happy.

The Test works for guys who already know what they are doing - it is a cool new tool you can use to create attraction which will set you apart from all other guys.


Der ultimative Psychotest für Frauen

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